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Adderley's Bride: The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

My first anthology! It was a great experience working with these talented authors. I am so excited to be a part of this special group of tales, dreams and nightmares. My featured story  is Adderley's Bride.

Release Date: May 27, 2014

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Dreams and nightmares are like twilight; that misty place between fantasy and reality. When your mind takes you on an adventure you didn’t sign up for and you become someone or something else, it can be delectable, terrifying, or both.

Dreaming of that sexy bad boy who seems out of reach? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes dreams really do come true. If you have the time, we have the past life to seduce you. Whether your fantasy is a lustful mermaid, an irresistible incubus, a vampiric predator, or an insatiable ghost hold on tight. You are on the most erotic ride of your life.

When your desires blend so thoroughly with the truth that you don’t know the difference, that’s when romance is but a dream.

Adderley's Bride: The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

Sofie is a singer, baker and a serious planner. When she finds her rocker boyfriend up against the wall in a vocal booth with a back-up singer, her five-year plan for a home and family is dubbed over like a bad music track.

Gray, a lusty ghost who acts like she is his long-dead fiancée invades her dreams and works her body over, night and after night. It isn’t long before Sofie’s plans include her beguiling lover, a ghost man with a plan of his own; be with me. Nice plan if you call that living…

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Enter the world of the Cardiffs 

A thief and an assassin. Lust at first sight. 
Sounds ideal until all the lies between Falcon and Angel bring them dangerously close to the end of their lives. 

Angelina's family is complicated

 mom with special powers and a dad who descends from an ancient Roman line of vampire hunters.

Love through the ages
Blood jewels, sacrifice and the oldest vampire in the world are a dark history the Cardiff's must face. If only they can remember.

FALCON'S ANGEL - A Cardiff Novel -  Book 1         Available Now!

LOVE ENTWINED - A Cardiff Novel -  Book 2         Available Now!


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FALCON'S ANGEL, A Cardiff Novel Book 1

A haunting tale of passion, two hundred years in the making...

Angelina's passion is music but she has never felt this kind of want before.

Falcon wants the Stradivarius in her possession and goes undercover to track down a thief. He soon discovers he is not the only killer in search of the violin.
il Dragone, a devil-worshipping cult, wants revenge for a past only they can remember.

Falling in love was never part of Falcon's plan but before he can have what he wants, he must help Angelina unlock the secrets of a love which ended in tragedy in eighteenth century France. This is one special assignment that must be completed before il Dragone gets what they want.

Read an excerpt here.

Release Date: May 28, 2012
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LOVE ENTWINED, A Cardiff Novel Book 2

Don't think Amelie Laurent is an ice maiden. She's just on her way to the top of the jewelry designing world with no time for men. She has just landed an assignment her colleagues would die for. Will die for.

On a remote English estate, an unseen gunman takes a shot at Amelie's host, Roman Cardiff, and all eyes are on his business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in love two hundred years before in a time neither of them remember.

They're falling in love again and as they uncover a history of jewels and murder, a loving spirit seeks to guide them through a fatal reunion.

Through the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary France and the secrets of St. Clair Manor one history is laid to rest. Another is just beginning.
Read an excerpt here.

Release Date: September 9, 2013 
Buy it: Liquid Silver Books.